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Mainzer Consulting Group LLC was formed to provide hotel owners, asset managers, and hospitality
management companies with clear assessments of the revenue management needs of their hotel

Hotel owners seek to maximize the profit performance of each property in their portfolio by relying on asset
management: involved analysis and oversight of key management areas that will improve revenues and
lower costs.  Typically, asset managers have not had the tools to systematically assess individual property
revenue performance.  

The MCG Approach

The Mainzer Consulting Group
view yield improvement as a
function of the particular needs
of an individual hotel property.  
Installation of  'shrink-wrapped’
revenue management software
is usually not sufficient as a
solution for a particular
property. MCG can create
custom plans for each
property,  provide revenue
maximization initiatives based
on specific needs, and
evaluate the benefits and costs
for all revenue management
About MCG
About Bruce W. Mainzer

Bruce W. Mainzer is a pioneer in revenue management and Web e-commerce.  In 1986, Mainzer developed
United Airlines' revenue management system, including the airline industry's first origin and destination
inventory control system.  At Norwegian Cruise Line in 1994-1996, Mainzer introduced the cruise industry’s
first revenue management system and brand Web site and earned awards for marketing effectiveness. At
Vail Resorts, Mainzer re-engineered pricing and inventory systems, and introduced direct distribution of
room nights via 20 different Vail Resorts controlled Web sites. In 2003, Mainzer developed TravelCLICK’s
new channel management tools to increase control of merchant Web hotel inventory. Mainzer currently
serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management.
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