Revenue Performance Monitoring Services
Enhance Asset Management Activities and Maximize Profitability
Asset management is a critical activity for hotel owners.  With the increasing importance of revenue
management, and the myriad of choices with respect to Web e-commerce, owners need more expertise  to
understand the revenue performance of their properties.  Mainzer Consulting Group provides owners and
asset managers with enhanced capabilities for monitoring and improving the profitability of their assets.

Typically, asset managers do not have the time or the expertise to utilize all available reports and
databases to uncover opportunities and provide consistent oversight of the revenue performance of  their
hotels.   With MCG's
Revenue Performance Monitoring Service, owners can add powerful new analytical
capabilities to their existing financial and operational evaluation processes.   MCG brings key insights and
recommendations for revenue improvement based on information typically available from each property
based on a review of a number of reports or databases:

1.  Monthly profit and loss, income statements from property
2.  Smith Travel Research  STAR Report
3.  Pace reports, for group and transient room night bookings
5.  Hotelligence report .  

As part of the recurring
Revenue Performance Monitoring Service, properties in the portfolio are
benchmarked based on competitive ReVPAR.  This benchmarking identifies properties with the greatest
upside in potential (achievable) revenue improvement.  MCG analyzes further each of these properties to
determine reasons for under-performance.  Utilizing rate shopping reports, phone interviews with property
staff, pace reports, and channel performance results, MCG identifies pricing tactics, inventory availability
policies, staff training, and/or revenue management software issues that may be preventing attainment of
optimal revenues.  These issues are presented on a property-specific basis, with a quantification of the
annual revenue improvement if these issues were addressed and or corrected.  We typically find that
under-performing properties can improve revenues by 5 to 20% with the adoption of improved revenue
management policies or tools.

MCG provides owners with precise and actionable recommendations for improving the asset management
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Improving the Asset
Management Process

MCG has years of experience in
the analysis of  revenue
performance of hotel properties.  
Web e-commerce, pricing tactics,
room night inventory availability
policies and marketing strategies
are all evaluated carefully. Our
recommendations are based on
proven initiatives that can improve
hotel marketing and revenue
Revenue Performance Monitoring
for Asset Management
Mainzer Consulting Group